Vetropack Moravia Glass

New labelling machine at Kyjov plant


The new labelling ready for dispatch. Thanks to a unique number, the location of the pallet can be traced at any time. This investment is a further step in the automation strategy of the Vetropack Group.

Every pallet leaves the Vetropack Moravia Glass plant with a unique number (SCCC) printed on a label. These numbers allow our customers to identify the goods, and the concept greatly simplifies working with pallets.

The production of glass packaging is part of the process in the food industry, at the end of which the customer receives a product that meets strict safety criteria. That is why Vetropack Moravia Glass has implemented a precise identification system for its products. It is fully automated by robots that have been introduced for the application phase, where labels are adhered to the outside of the pallet film. This means the customer’s requirements for an external label can be met, which enables the pallets to be handled seamlessly in automatic warehouses and eliminates possible problems, such as displaced or lost paper labels and transport stoppages in the warehouse.

Better quality thanks to automation

Speed, efficiency, accuracy and time and money savings are just some of the advantages of the robotic set-up in Kyjov. The station carries out printing and automatic marking, verifies labels and communicates with the line and overall system. The robot applies two identical labels to the front and side of the pallet with the possibility of placement at multiple levels using a robotic arm. The stations are operated by robots from Fanuc and are installed behind two foil devices; a backup desktop printer is also included in case of failure. Automation saves human resources, which we can now use more efficiently, for example in quality control.

The label contains the pallet number, information about product type, when it was manufactured and in which plant, thereis also space for customer information. “During loading we scan pallets and record when and where it was shipped. This process is called traceability. Marking pallets with a unique 18-digit code (serial shipping container code (SCCC) in this way makes it possible to identify each pallet unit at all times if needed. We know where and when the pallet was shipped and, if necessary, we can also ensure its return from the market,” explains Peter Pekara, Logistic Manager at Vetropack Moravia Glass and Vetropack Nemšova.


Automation is gaining traction throughout the Group

The labelling machine installed at the Kyjov plant is considered a pilot project for the Vetropack Group. In the first half of 2021, Vetropack Straža will follow and the labelling machine is also to be used at the new plant in Boffalora sopra Ticino in 2023.