Comparison of Remuneration disbursed with the Remuneration approved by the 2020 and 2021 Annual General Assembly

Audited Information

Board of Directors

At the Annual General Assembly on 21 April 2021, the total amount of remuneration on the Board of Directors was voted and a maximum of CHF 910,000.– defined.

Remuneration to the Board of Directors is approved prospectively for the period until the next ordinary Annual General Assembly in accordance with the articles of incorporation. The table below compares the maximum amount of remuneration to the Board of Directors approved by the Annual General Assembly with the amounts actually disbursed in 2021.

in CHF



Approved total remuneration for the BoD from the 2021 AGA until the 2022 AGA


910 000

Remuneration disbursed to the BoD in 2021

897 197


Management Board

The total remuneration to the Management Board for the 2021 fiscal year (CHF 5,100,000.–) was approved at the Annual General Assembly held on 22 April 2020. See below a comparison of approved and disbursed remuneration for 2021. Please note the personnel changes, as stated in the paragraph “Management Board’s (MB) Remuneration”.

in CHF


Approved total remuneration for the Management Board for 2021

5 100 000

Remuneration disbursed to the Management Board in 2021

3 705 485