Strategy 2030

A “strategic journey” towards a successful future

At Vetropack, the year 2019 was all about “Strategy 2030”. During this strategic journey, Vetropack Group developed its compass for the next decade, setting the guidelines for successfully shaping the company’s future.

Vetropack can look back on a successful few years in terms of corporate development. With a view to continuing to position itself as a strong market player in the future and for the long term, it initiated a comprehensive strategic transformation process in 2019. The aim of this was to find new growth potential in the existing business as well as to identify new topics for the future and business models for Vetropack in 2030.

Moving into the future with an open approach to strategy

Vetropack deliberately opted for an open approach. The focus here was on breaking away from traditional ways of thinking and acting, and adopting and allowing other, new, perspectives. On the one hand, this open approach meant opening up internally, with over 100 employees being actively involved in the process, thus making the best possible use of the wealth of experience and comprehensive know-how offered by Vetropack staff for strategy development. Vetropack has also consciously decided to open up to the outside world, bringing new perspectives and impetus into the process by involving customers as well as experts from various industries and fields of experience. 

Identifying a strategic starting point and future potential

To begin with, an important element of the strategy work was to precisely pinpoint the strategic starting position in line with Vetropack’s current business model and to gain an accurate understanding of the company’s core areas of expertise and market positions, as well as the customer benefits created from today’s perspective. Special attention was also paid to future trends and developments in the immediate and wider environment, in order to optimally integrate future trends and dynamics relevant to Vetropack Group into the strategy development process. Innovative methods for identifying new, digital, disruptive business models were also incorporated into the process, offering the potential to replace existing, traditional business models and products in the future and thus significantly change the glass industry. Developments in the area of sustainability and in terms of increasing digitalisation and technology are other factors worth mentioning in this regard.

Cornerstones of the Vetropack Strategy 2030

Based on the knowledge gained, initial work was undertaken to establish strategic potential and formulate the guidelines for 2030. The main results of the project culminated in a new guiding concept for the Group (purpose, values, big picture) along with key strategic directions and focal points for the coming years.

Vetropack will continue to consolidate its strong market position in the future and take on a leading role. Building on our existing expertise and strengths, we want to offer our customers and partners a unique range of products and services characterised by excellent quality, innovation and comprehensive customer benefits. In addition, new services will be developed and expanded in order to serve customers’ needs even better and more comprehensively in the future. Existing customer relationships are to be further strengthened and new partnerships established.

A major focus for the coming years will be on innovation and digitalisation. In this respect, new opportunities have been identified at process, product and business model level. In addition to continuous product and service innovation in the core business, in the future more emphasis will be placed on business model innovations in order to open up new growth potential for Vetropack.

Sustainability is one of the greatest social and economic challenges of our time and also plays a central role at Vetropack. Our aim is to pursue a holistic approach to sustainability that continues to focus on constantly reducing the CO2 footprint, as well as to develop further and optimise the entire value chain.

Topic areas are being prioritised, accompanied by efforts to coordinate central and decentralised units and responsibilities to optimum effect. This includes a comprehensive approach to operational excellence, perfectly coordinated structures and processes within the Group and new HR and transformation initiatives.

The steps involved in implementing the Vetropack Strategy 2030

Following the successful approval of the strategy by the Board of Directors, the years 2020/2021 will now be dominated by the implementation of individual strategic initiatives. A clear and stringent implementation process will guide Vetropack’s transformation in the run-up to 2030. We look forward to this important phase and a successful future together.

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