Corporate Governance


Mandate: Ernst & Young Ltd have been auditors for Vetropack Holding Ltd since 1995. The head auditor has been responsible for the auditing mandate since 2013. The head auditor is changed every seven years.

Fees: During the year under review, Ernst & Young Ltd invoiced Vetropack Group the sum of CHF 0.4 million for auditing services regarding accounts of individual Group companies as well as consolidated accounts. In 2019, all affiliates of the Vetropack Group were audited by Ernst & Young Ltd.

Supervisory and Control Instruments Vis-à-Vis the External Auditors: At the ordinary November meeting, the entire BoD reviews the scope and key aspects of the external audit, including key aspects for auditing the internal con- trol system of the current year. At the ordinary March meeting all BoD members are informed of audit results both in writing (Auditor's Report, Group Auditor's Report, Management Letter, Explanatory Notes) and verbally (the lead auditor attends the BoD’s meeting). In February, the main points and results of audits carried out at subsi- diaries are also discussed with auditors at the ordinary meetings of the governing body of each subsidiary. The president of the BoD is present at these meetings. With the help of the above-mentioned information sources, the BoD annually assesses both the statutory auditors’ and group auditors’ performance and independence during the March meeting. The BoD annually analyses the development of external audit costs (multiple year comparison).

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