Vetropack supports Musikschule Zürcher Unterland

A cultural space in a new quarter

Where better to give something back to society that in your own neighbourhood? The town of Bülach is home to many families with connections to Vetropack, so the company had no hesitation in deciding to get involved in its newly developed “Im Guss” quarter.

In Bülach, a town with a population of 20,000 at the heart of the Zürcher Unterland region, a former industrial site has been transformed into the “Im Guss” district – a smart new quarter boasting three residential complexes with a total of 490 apartments, along with some 50,000 square metres of commercial and office space. The development was completed in autumn 2019, with the first residents moving in as early as September and bringing life to “Im Guss”.


Local links dating back 100 years

In this mix of living and working environments, some kind of cultural offering is essential. To the north, the site is bordered by a distinctive building housing retail outlets. The Musikschule Zürcher Unterland music school sits above a row of shops, offering classrooms and a hall for concerts and cultural events that can accommodate more than 200 people. When the music school’s governing body was looking for sponsors for the project, Vetropack quickly got in touch and the conditions were soon put in place.

The company has been part of the economic landscape in the town of Bülach and the surrounding region for over 100 years. Sponsoring the branch of the music school set up in its home town is a good opportunity to demonstrate its local links. This is made quite clear not only with the words “Vetropack Hall” emblazoned above the large windows on the brick façade of the concert hall, but also, of course, in the day-to-day work that goes on at the music school, which is supported by Vetropack funding. Another notable detail is that Vetropack will be using the hall once a year to host its own event.


Opening concert with music played on bottles

The concert hall was packed to the rafters for its official opening at the end of September. After a few introductory words from Claude R. Cornaz, Chairman of the Vetropack Board of Directors, CEO Johann Reiter and the music school’s director Urban Frey, musical entertainment was provided by the GlasBlasSing quartet. The group sang and played music on and with bottles, either by blowing them, popping them open, shaking them or tapping them – simple techniques, but executed with great artistry.

Just a few weeks later, some young performers gave a concert for patrons at the music school, showing just what an impact Vetropack’s support is having. On this occasion the repertoire was more classical in nature and the modern hall demonstrated what a superb space it is for performances on the piano, violin and cello too.

The company, the quarter, the town and the region’s cultural scene certainly all stand to gain from the Vetropack Hall.

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