Vetropack integrated annual report 2023 – Sustainability


Our strategy embraces five strategic thrusts, and Clearly sustainable is the first of them: it represents our ambition of becoming Best in Class in Sustainability in our industry by 2030. As we journey towards this destination, we are holding all areas and hierarchical levels of our company accountable; we are setting ourselves binding goals, and integrating sustainability into our business activities.

Our ambition is to position Vetropack as Best in Class in Sustainability in our industry by 2030. Our Clearly sustainable strategic thrust guides us along the path towards this goal.

We intend to be known for our innovative, ecologically compatible and socially acceptable manufacturing processes and our safe glass products of high quality. To protect the environment, we endeavour to conserve resources and water, close substance cycles, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to an inclusive corporate culture and development of our employees based on continuous learning, Vetropack should be appreciated as an Employer of Choice.

In keeping with Clearly sustainable, we are setting ourselves the following goals for our focus topics:

  • Climate protection: 30 percent reduction of CO2 emissions per metric ton of glass produced by 2030 as compared to 2019
  • Resources: 70 percent recycled content by 2030
  • Water: water stress risks to be identified and goals defined by 2025
  • Occupational health and safety: Group-wide TRIR* of 2.0 by 2030
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion: vision to be defined and roadmap to be developed in 2024
  • Sustainable supply chain to be ensured

* Total Recordable Injury Rate

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