Foundations for success

Strategy 2030

Our Strategy 2030, which comprises five initiatives, is intended to shape and drive the development of our business until 2030. Strategy 2030 supports us with tapping potentials for growth in our existing business, and helps us to develop new business segments. We are successfully implementing Strategy 2030 thanks to our culture and our values, and on the basis of clear structures and responsibilities.

In 2019, Vetropack launched a comprehensive transformation process based on five strategic initiatives. Projects relating to all five initiatives have been undertaken at our locations since the process began. The five main axes indicate the business development we intend to achieve by 2030; our aims are to enable Vetropack to position itself as a strong player on the market in the long term, and to play a key role in shaping the glass industry.

Flexibility and stability

Our mature corporate culture gives us the flexibility we need to respond to unexpected challenges. Strategy 2030 has proven its worth in this regard – particularly in the last few years, which were dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Credit for this is also due to our business model, which is resilient and therefore robust.

Five strategic initiatives – the basis for Strategy 2030

Below is an overview of our five strategic initiatives.


Clearly sustainable

Vetropack pursues a holistic approach to sustainability with the aim of becoming Best in Class in Sustainability in our industry by 2030. Within our Clearly sustainable strategic initiative, we focus on careful use of resources, development of our employees, and legally compliant business practices.

Expand the core

Expand the core defines a strategy that will enable us to maintain and consolidate our positions in the home markets. By doing so, we will move even closer to our customers and position ourselves as a high-quality partner and a full-service provider. Expand the core also includes the expansion of our proven products and services into selected markets.

Value growth

With the Value growth initiative, Vetropack is broadening its proven areas of expertise. We will enter new business sectors and launch new services throughout the value chain for our glass packaging. This will help us to strengthen our customer relationships and generate value.

Drive innovation

As part of the Drive innovation initiative, Vetropack is strengthening its position as a trendsetter in the glass industry and opening up new business areas with new product and market innovations

Leader in quality

As a Leader in quality, Vetropack gears all its activities towards providing optimal support for the strategy at Group level. This includes a holistic operational excellence approach as well as corresponding structures and processes in sales, marketing, technology and production. Vetropack is taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and positioning itself as an Employer of Choice.

Corporate purpose and values

We have defined a process to provide a framework for the fundamental transformation of the company and its business model over a period of ten years. As well as the strategy, with the corporate purpose, the transformation we seek to achieve embraces the structure – in terms of organisation and responsibilities – together with the culture, which also includes our values.


Our corporate purpose is as follows: ‘We make it possible for everyone to enjoy food and beverages in the most elegant, safest and most responsible way.’ We create unique, high-quality products and services.

Based on a tradition in the food and beverage industry that dates back many years, we understand the needs of our stakeholder groups and we endeavour to offer products of high quality. Glass is an elegant material; ‘elegant’ also means offering individual, customised products. The most important requirement that our products must meet is safety: glass comes from natural origins and has an inert structure, so food and beverages are packaged safely in it. ‘Responsible’ highlights the fact that glass can be completely recycled an infinite number of times, so it protects the environment.

Our values convey our convictions and principles. They guide our day-to-day work, and the way we relate to one another and to our stakeholder groups. These are our values:

  • Ensuring accountability
  • Navigating safely together
  • Guaranteeing leadership in quality
  • Anticipating change
  • Generating trust and confidence
  • Exercising environmental responsibility