Foundations for success

Business model

The Vetropack Group numbers among Europe's leading manufacturers of glass packaging for the food and beverage industry. Headquartered in Bülach, Switzerland, the Group has around 3 800 employees. Vetropack has state-of-the-art production facilities as well as sales and distribution centres in Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy, the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

At Vetropack, we make it possible for everyone to enjoy food and beverages in the most elegant, safest and most responsible way. We view glass as the most sustainable packaging solution – and the perfect material to ensure that food is packaged safely. Our holistic Service plus+ approach helps our customers to optimise their value chains and guarantee consumers' safety. Close, long-lasting relationships are the hallmarks of our collaboration with partners. Guided by our understanding of environmental responsibility and cost efficiency, we aim to minimise our carbon footprint throughout the supply chain, and we are committed to recycling as the key to optimising product life-cycles.

You can find detailed information about our organisation and locations on our website.

We protect your enjoyment.


We are partners throughout the entire product life cycle

  1. Recycled glass accounts for the largest proportion of raw materials we use to manufacture our products. We also use quartz sand, soda, lime, dolomite, feldspar and other minor components to produce glass.
  2. We are committed to modern manufacturing processes, and we prioritise energy-efficient and customer-oriented production.
  3. We value quality and innovation: one example Echovai, our reusable bottle that is more resistant, lighter in weight, and more sustainable.
  4. We ensure proximity to our customers with nine glassworks in eight countries and a maximum delivery radius of 400 km.
  5. We offer technical customer service solutions – for example, to solve problems during the filling process.
  6. We also collaborate with our customers to develop personalised glass colours and designs for distinctive products.
  7. Our goal: to make it possible for everyone to enjoy food and beverages in the most elegant, safest and most responsible way.
  8. We promote the circular economy with our reusable and recyclable glass bottles.

Circular economy – the foundation of our business model

Our business model supports the transition to a circular economy – because it is based on natural raw materials and because glass is almost infinitely reusable. Vetropack was already a pioneer of glass recycling back in the 1970s and nowadays, we collect used glass for recycling in all the countries where we operate glassworks. In many countries, we collaborate with special-purpose associations (e.g. the European Container Glass Federation FEVE) and maintain our own cullet treatment plants to promote high glass collection rates. We are also driving the development of returnable bottles ahead: these are made in part from resource-efficient lightweight glass, so they are even easier to handle.

We supply safe glass packaging of high quality to the food and beverage industry

Vetropack produces glass bottles and wide-neck jars in close collaboration with our customers. On request, we develop individual customised glass packaging based either on our own designs, our customers’ ideas, or concepts devised by externally commissioned designers. Our focus is always on the quality and safety of our products.

Glass packaging to meet the highest standards

No matter which foods or beverages our customers want to package – be it jam, mineral water, wine or beer – Vetropack offers around 2,500 different glass packaging designs, both standard and customised, for a huge variety of products. You can find our product portfolio and reference stories on our website.