Vetropack integrated annual report 2023 – Foundations for success




Foundations for success

The central basis for our business success is our business model, which was redefined and given a sharper strategic focus in 2023. We aim to use this model to present our corporate purpose transparently to all our stakeholder groups, and to maintain our successful positioning in the glass industry going forward.

Vetropack’s business model is based on glass as a raw material. Glass can be recycled an infinite number of times without any loss of quality, and it is re-usable – attributes that make it an integral element of the circular economy. Glass affords protection for beverages and foods, and makes it possible to preserve them. At the core of our business model is our corporate purpose: ‘We make it possible for everyone to enjoy food and beverages in the most elegant, safest and most responsible way.’ 

So we can continue developing our business successfully through to 2030, we are focussing on five strategic thrusts. They define our identity, and they help to ensure that Vetropack will play its part in shaping the glass industry’s long-term development. The right organisational structure helps us to implement the strategy.

Thanks to systematic risk management, we act with foresight and we are able to plan and implement the necessary measures.

Another key foundation for success is interaction with our stakeholder groups. By interacting with them, we learn at first hand what is required and expected of us; we know which trends impact our business, and we come to understand where our strengths lie and where we could have potential for improvement.

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