The 2019 customer benefit analysis

Talking to customers

Vetropack Group is developing very successfully year after year – regardless of the intense competition and changing market conditions. Good, stable and satisfied customer relations are fundamental to this. Vetropack’s objective is to continuously strive for solutions and improvements that have the potential to inspire its customers. This requires engaging in an active exchange and dialogue with customers with a view to gaining the best possible understanding of their needs and requirements and providing them with high-value benefits.

With this in mind, Vetropack decided to commission a comprehensive customer benefit analysis in the second quarter of 2019. This involved conducting more than 100 personal on-site interviews in 18 different countries (core and export markets). This comprehensive and methodologically sophisticated approach to evaluating customer benefit has been very positively received both by our customers and the entire team. The objective was to obtain a deep understanding of customer problems and expectations across all aspects of quality (product, service and relationship quality).

Vetropack as an important and reliable partner

Overall, the survey results paint a very positive picture of Vetropack and its interaction with customers. Quality, reliability and flexibility are the key factors that distinguish Vetropack from the customer’s point of view and give it an extremely strong competitive edge. Vetropack is seen as a partner with high standards of quality and service.

Looking into the different aspects of customer perception, both with regard to regional differences and in terms of the product groups in demand, was something Vetropack found particularly fascinating. In the future, these important findings will be used as a basis for developing concrete measures at Group and company level to ensure further improvements in performance.

A meaningful customer survey

The customer benefit analysis served not only to evaluate Vetropack’s performance from the customer’s point of view, but also to investigate future expectations and new topics and service areas from the customer’s perspective. This generated essential and forward-looking findings, which were integrated into the ongoing strategy process and taken into account.

Among other things, the increasing importance of sustainability and reducing the CO2 footprint, as well as new (product) innovations and business models in times of change and digitalisation, seem to raise important questions for the entire (glass) packaging industry and its stakeholders and open up interesting scope for all parties involved, including opportunities for new strategic partnerships.

Vetropack thanks its customers for their openness

Vetropack is grateful for this open dialogue and exchange with its customers and is already actively working on concrete measures and solutions to further increase the already high level of customer satisfaction. Open and transparent communication is not a matter of course and requires a great deal of mutual trust.

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