Sustainability report

General Disclosures as per GRI standards

The majority of the General Disclosures stipulated by the GRI Standards 2021 can be found in the Foundations for success and the Performance review. In cases where the GRI Standards 2021 on governance, strategy, policies, practices and stakeholder engagement require specific information that could not be fully integrated into the reporting structure, the additional information concerned is provided below.


GRI 2-12 Role of the highest governance body in overseeing the management of impacts

The Board of Directors and the Management Board pursue a long-term Strategy which is presented in the à Foundations for success. The Board of Directors is responsible for and controls the implementation of the corporate strategy. The Sustainability Committee (chapter «Clearly Sustainable») reports regularly to the Board of Directors on the impacts, risks and opportunities of environmental and social topics. Sustainability goals and their attainment are reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

GRI 2-14 Role of the highest governance body in sustainability reporting

Vetropack's sustainability reporting is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors and the Management Board within the scope of the Integrated Annual Report.

GRI 2-17 Collective knowledge of the highest governance body

Vetropack's internal business processes are geared to comprehensive and continuous improvement and innovation. This also entails the inclusion of stakeholders' concerns relating to economic, environmental and social topics. The Board of Directors and the Management Board receive feedback and input on these aspects from discussions with various stakeholder groups such as customers and investors. Vetropack's governance bodies thus advance their collective knowledge about the sustainability aspects that are relevant to the company.

GRI 2-18 Evaluation of the performance of the highest governance body

Vetropack's success is based on the fact that the Board of Directors and Management Board adopt a long-term perspective. Sustainability aspects are an integral element of this performance evaluation. Because these issues are integrated into Vetropack's business model, there is no separate formal process for evaluating the performance of the Board of Directors in these respects.

Strategy, policies and practices

GRI 2-28 Membership associations

  • CelSian (formerly TNO)
  • Cetie (International Technical Centre for Bottling)
  • FEVE (European Container Glass Federation)
  • SEC (Chamber of Commerce Switzerland - Central Europe) c/o Switzerland Global Enterprise
  • HKSÖL (Swiss-Austrian-Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce)
  • HVG-DGG (Hüttentechnische Vereinigung der Deutschen Glasindustrie e. V.)
  • IPGR (International Partners in Glass Research)
  • Food Packaging Forum

Stakeholder engagement

GRI 2-30 Collective bargaining agreements

About 90 percent of our employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements, which are formulated in various ways according to local legislation.