Description of the remuneration components

Audited information

Board of Directors (BoD)

Members of the BoD receive fixed remuneration in cash, with the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and ordinary members entitled to different amounts based on a graduated scale. The members of the NCC also receive fixed remuneration in cash for their work on the Committee, with the Chairman and ordinary members likewise entitled to different amounts based on a graduated scale. There are no variable components. Remuneration is paid out in 12 monthly instalments.

Management Board (MB)

Members of the MB receive fixed basic remuneration (fixed basic salary), which is commensurate with the level of responsibility involved in their individual function, their experience, and local conditions.

They also receive a variable cash bonus that consists of two parts:

  • An individual bonus, based on the attainment of individually defined performance goals. This bonus component is calculated on the basis of an individually specified percentage of the personal fixed basic salary, multiplied by the goal attainment rate.
  • A net result bonus, calculated on the basis of an individually defined per mille rate of the Group’s consolidated net profit after tax. If the consolidated net profit is lower than 2% of the net revenue, this net result bonus is zero.

When appraising the attainment of individual performance goals, those elements that cannot be quantified are evaluated at the appraiser’s discretion.

The target range for the variable component as a whole, i.e. the individual bonus and net result bonus together, should be between 25% and 50% of the basic salary.

In all cases, however, it is limited to a maximum of 75% of the basic salary and is paid out in April of the following year, after the Annual Report has been approved by the BoD.