Performance review

Introduction to the Performance review

Vetropack has followed the basic concept of integrated reporting since 2019. Integrated Reporting (IR) is a holistic concept that combines conventional financial reporting with non-financial reporting elements, wherever this is possible and provided that it contributes to better understanding.

The structure of the Performance review is based on the dimensions of the "six capitals" of integrated reporting:

Customers and suppliersFinancesInnovation and intellectual propertyProduction and productsEmployeesEnvironment

Within these subject areas, our reporting is aligned to the defined material topics. This also corresponds to the recommendations of the GRI Standards 2021. By way of introduction, we explain our long-term management approach to each of these topics (GRI Disclosure 3-3, Management of material topics) and then focus on events and progress in the reporting year. As appropriate to each topic, we add further information in accordance with the GRI Standards 2021. This results in a slightly changed structure as compared to the Integrated Annual Report for 2021 (chapter: «Introduction to sustainability reporting»). The new presentation, structured according to material topics, aims to make it easier for readers to gain a wide-ranging picture from the Performance review of how things stand in relation to the material topics.