Corporate Governance


The following explanations contain fundamental information for the Vetropack Group as laid out in the Corporate Governance Guidelines defined by the SIX Swiss Exchange as per 20 June 2019.

Operational Group Structure

Refer to the illustration here.

Group Companies

For Shareholdings and their Percentage Breakdowns, refer to the illustration here.

Capital Structure

For details of the share capital, refer to here. For details of changes in capital structure within the last three years, refer to “Changes in Consolidated Shareholders’ Equity”. Vetropack Holding Ltd does not issue options on participation rights.


Registered shares A and registered shares B are entitled to dividends.

List of Major Shareholders
with Holdings > 3%









No. of Registered Shares A

No. of Registered Shares B

Voting Rights in %

No. of Bearer Shares

No. of Registered Shares

Voting Rights in %








Shareholder group Cornaz according to latest SIX publication

3 245 710

30 250 000


14 179

858 676


There is one shareholders' agreement between the Cornaz AG-Holding shareholders and another between Cornaz AG-Holding and other shareholders. 

The core elements of both agreements are as follows:

  • concerted exercise of voting rights at the Annual General Assembly;
  • mutual tender obligation for the shares upon sale.

With regard to the voting shares indicated, it should be noted that changes to the voting share that do not affect a threshold value do not have to be reported. Accordingly, the number of voting shares disclosed above may differ from the notifications published on the SIX Exchange Regulation website in accordance with Art. 120 Financial Market Infrastructure Act (FinfraG). No disclosure notices in terms of Art. 120 FinfraG were submitted to the company in the reporting year.

Detailed information about previous notices in accordance with Art. 120 FinfraG can be accessed on the SIX Exchange Regulation website via the following link:

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