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Material Topics and Performance Review

Definition of the key financial and non-financial issues

For the second time, Vetropack Group provides comprehensive information on its financial and non-financial performance for fiscal year 2020 within the framework of an Integrated Annual Report. The company defined the focus of its reporting in 2019 with a materiality analysis. Here, Vetropack evaluated which topics were particularly relevant for its stakeholders and for securing short-, medium- and long-term business success. The company also assessed which topics have a significant impact on sustainable development (economic, social and environmental).

Vetropack derived this process from the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which requires the evaluation of stakeholder relevance and an assessment of impact. The evaluation of business relevance as a third dimension ensures that the material topics are closely linked with the core business. The process is therefore also compatible with the recommendations of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC).

In defining the material topics, Vetropack used the following dimensions based on the six capitals of the IIRC to evaluate topics in various areas:

  • Customers and suppliers
  • Finances
  • Innovation and intellectual property
  • Production and products
  • Employees
  • Environment

The topics were evaluated in a workshop with the Extended Group Management and additional managers from various divisions with responsibility for the topics in question, who brought an in-depth understanding of the concerns of different stakeholder groups, meaning that external perspectives were considered indirectly. The findings of the workshop were validated by the CEO and external specialists.

The resulting material topics are presented in the following matrix. It provides Vetropack with the basis for the strategic focus and structure of the reporting. Accordingly, the “Performance Review” and “Sustainability Report” chapters of the 2020 Integrated Annual Report are divided on the basis of the above-mentioned six dimensions.

This page contains information on the following GRI disclosures: 102-46, 102-49.


This page contains information on the following GRI disclosure: 102-47.

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