Vetropack Nemšová

Investor of the Year 2020


This year, in its 23rd year, the magazine Trend announced awards for extraordinary business achievements for companies and managers in Slovakia. Readers, important business personalities and partners of the competition selected in the Manager of the Year and Investor of the Year survey.

The main criterion of the competition was not the amount of the investment, but the use and the award for Vetropack Nemšová was mainly the ecological aspect. Investments in new furnaces and production lines in the last two years have brought not only an increase in the capacity of furnaces, but mainly energy savings and, thanks to the latest technology, a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Vetropack Nemšová, can be proud to have won the first prize in a strong competition. Boris Sluka, General Manager, navigated the Danube in a kayak to receive the prize from the hands of the organizers of the competition in Bratislava.

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