160 years of glass production in Hum na Sutli


Vetropack Straža is celebrating its 160 th anniversary. In 1860, the Bavarian industrialist Michael von Pochinger built a small glass factory in Hum na Sutli and named it after the land on which it was located – “Straža”. The factory has an eventful history to look back on.

The history of Vetropack Straža is a story of people who were brought together thanks to their common passion for glass. The craft of glassmaking was passed down through the generations from glass masters to their children and grandchildren. Although working in the glass factory has always been challenging, the fascination for glass is still unbroken among the people of Straža.

The location of the factory was not chosen at random; the decisive factor was its proximity to the mineral water spring in Rogaška Slatina – the company’s first customer. Over the course of the last 160 years, the factory has gone through some turbulent times. The most significant changes all took place during the last three decades – the break-up of Yugoslavia, Croatian independence, the Homeland War, privatisation and changes in ownership. Thanks to good strategic management, Vetropack Straža has managed to survive these challenging times

The major milestone in the history of Vetropack Straža was joining the Vetropack Group in 1996. Vetropack and the Cornaz family brought new projects and investments and a well-organised team of experts. In Straža, they found a group of skilled and dedicated people who were poised to learn and adapt.

Production manager Josip Šolman (picture below), who has worked at the plant for 38 years, witnessed some key moments. “Glass production has always been more than a job to me. It was my passion, a constant challenge to improve the process and the product. Looking back, I can say that we have made tremendous progress in the field of glass technology, especially after joining Vetropack. The cooperation between management and junior staff as well as customer requirements, which allow us to constantly improve, are a fundamental and longterm driving force behind our development.”


The corona crisis has forced the company to give up on most anniversary events. Yet, the renovation and further equipping of local Vetropark was done – a wonderful surprise for the children when they returned to school after two months of isolation.

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